I was so alone, & I owe you so much.
Rory - 20 - France.
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This week end I will be Lily Evans in a French Convention. I just can’t wait omg. My first cosplay of HP, my heart of Potterhead (since i was 7, and I’m 21) is full of feels. I hope I will be a good Lily ;w;

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I hope you like our Dmmd C(r)osplay !

• My best friend as Aoba ♥
• Me as Clear.
• Photo by our friend Yuki and me.
• Edit by me.

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• My best friend Celest as Aoba.
• Me as Clear.

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"I saw what happened to that turian. The other one shot him."

"I need to know how Nihlus died."

"The other one got here first. He was waiting when your friend showed up. He called him Saren. I think they knew each other. Your friend seemed to relax. He let his guard down and Saren killed him. Shot him right in the back.”

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Backstage of a little shooting between Levi and Petra in AU.
Celest as Levi • Rory as Petra.

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Me and my best friend as Petra & Levi - AU First Date